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20 Examples of Custom Stickers Produced by Stickyattack.com

Stickers are intricate and go a long way in customizing branded merchandise, packaging and marketing materials. Using different shapes, such as stickers, is new in the market and has seen a rise in demand. The traditional and convenient sticker has recently overshadowed more decorative stickers with brighter colors, and prettier designs, so many customers look out for holographic stickers.

These personalized custom stickers also are a great way to acknowledge prospects or celebrate employees.

There has been an increase in demand for custom stickers that have good designs and personalized logo labels with holographic 3D effects.

There’s a company called Sticky Attack, specialists in custom sticker printing, which provides a large range of high-quality products to choose from according to their customers’ needs.

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Here are 20 Adorable Custom Stickers You Can Celebrate with Your Friends.

Product Labels:

1.  Coupon Stickers: 

Coupon labels help to encourage impulse purchases and promote other products. These labels are perfect for boosting your brand and product’s message. 

2.  QR Code Stickers: 

This is one of the benefits that promotional stickers can be used as QR code stickers. The QR code is the Quick Response Code, a two-dimensional barcode. This barcode is a machine-readable tool. 

3.  Piggyback Labels: 

Piggyback labels are also one form of a promotional stickers. Let me brief you about the piggyback labels. Piggyback labels can also be used for mail correspondence and business reply cards.

4. New Notes: 

New notes are very effective when a company or business is looking to target a specific audience by interest or location.

5.  Sticker Sheets:  

You need sticker sheets if you are planning to share event information or create brand awareness. A sticker sheet can also be applied to the envelopes and the welcome kits with the brand logo. 

6. White Glossy Permanent Vinyl: 

White glossy permanent vinyl stickers – the name itself is unique and stands out.

7  Holographic Stickers: 

This holographic sticker material has shimmering effect vinyl that shows your design an eye-catching rainbow hue.

8  Glitter Stickers:

Glitter stickers are never out of style and Bring your dazzling ideas to life now.

9  Gold Stickers: 

One of the high-quality metallic vinyl stickers is gold stickers, hard-wearing, water-resistant vinyl stickers printed with crystal clear ink. 

10  Promotional Sticker:

 Due to the size of the stickers, this format is ideal for promotional uses, and the cost will be reduced

11  Advertising Stickers: 

These sticker labels allow customers to stand out from others and make their unique mark everywhere they go or support their brand with pride and passion.

12  Kiss-Cut : 

As cute as the name sounds, a Kiss-cut single sticker is the format of sticker material. A sheet may contain a tiny logo to stick on a laptop lid, a larger message to stick on a vehicle or a large ad for your website. 

13  Die-cut Stickers : 

Die-cut stickers are cut to a specific shape and can feature any size or shape you choose. Although the final look of the sticker will rely on the size of your design and its complexity; however, it will always feature razor-sharp cutting with clear lines. It is ideal for labeling specific products within display packaging or creating custom shapes.

14  Logo Stickers:

You don’t need to spend time creating custom logo stickers. Try stickeyattack.com for creating custom logo stickers with our award-winning Sticker Editor to perfect the cut, size and design. Personalize your custom vinyl logo today.

15  Marketing Stickers:

It is quickly growing as everyone wants to use them to promote their products and attract potential customers through marketing stickers.

16  Design Sticker: 

You can design any size or shape sticker anytime, get your sticker in colors without the hassle and don’t have to worry about the order count

17  Custom Sticker:

Stickyattack offers tons of different options for custom stickers.

18   Event Sticker: 

Event Stickers are good for promoting any future event to create strong awareness and impact on future events.

19  Gift Sticker: 

Gift stickers are the newest trend for gifting and handouts. 

20  Artistic Sticker: 

Some people want an artistic sticker for their beloved laptop, keyring, or notebook. Others want something with their personalized logo to advertise their business. 

About Sticky Attack

Sticky Attack was born out of simplifying marketing and advertising efforts. Their mission is to build connections between people through holographic stickers that are durable, reusable and with a unique texture for campaigns that inspire long-lasting communication: identity building for your brand, high-quality promotion of content or product placement opportunity.

Stickers are taking the place of traditional advertising. They offer better control with point-of-sale marketing and can be used anywhere with no permanent marks or damages left on surfaces!

Our offering:

You can choose from a wide range of shapes and sizes, add your design to the glossy top layer, and choose a metal sticker. There is something for everyone on this site.

And lastly, a few crave weird and awesome stickers that catch people’s eye when walking around the city at night at drive-throughs or by billboards.

Designing your sticker is incredibly easy and fun! Stickyattack label design offers complete solutions with fast turnaround, high-quality results and low prices, catering to everybody’s unique needs.

Get your sticker now!

Custom stickers are cool, but this is the first time you have seen something like stickyattack.com. All our products are customized and have amazing designs, so cool you will not be able to stay away from them!

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