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All About Waterproof Stickers

Here we’ll talk all about the waterproof stickers. You will learn the benefits of using the waterproof stickers and where you can use these stickers. We all are aware that stickers play a lead role when it comes to brand awareness and build-up. Most industries such as food & beverage, marine, bath & body, and apparel use waterproof stickers. These stickers provide protection from moisture, which is a clear market requirement. The demand for these stickers is overgrowing and is expected to continue. Let’s talk about waterproof stickers in brief.

What are Waterproof Stickers?

Waterproof stickers protect from environmental hazards that can pose a risk of exposure to moisture or water. Because the waterproof stickers are used during the manufacturing, transport, and storage. Most shipping and logistics companies also rely on waterproof stickers. These companies use the stickers to ensure that marked drums, containers, and products arrive at their destinations with their identifying information intact. Waterproof stickers, including polyester, stainless steel, and aluminum, are well suited for resisting moisture. These stickers are also compatible to withstand harsh chemicals, temperatures, and physical conditions.

Reasons to Use Waterproof Stickers

Stickers are the first things that inform the customers about all essential details of the product, such as purpose, ingredients, user instructions, and so on. Let’s suppose customers bought your products from the market. The stickers get ruined by the water before the customers can go through the user instructions. It will not be a good start for your business and brand. Stickers are the identity of any product and brand. So it would help if you went for the excellent quality stickers so that they will put an impact on customers’ impression.

Let’s talk about the significant reasons to use the waterproof stickers that will be helpful for your business and brand.

  • Compliance: Waterproof stickers do an outstanding job, especially in marine applications where the ocean presents many challenges. These stickers can withstand exposure to salt spray and give the necessary safety in these conditions. These are meant to secure the products’ information written over them. Most businesses select these stickers to ensure compliance. They have confidence that the essential data and information will remain readable for the expected lifetime of products’ usage. This is how waterproof stickers can secure the information related to your product and business that is important for your business.
  • Durability: The main reason for using these stickers is that most businesses seek to protect their products against harsh conditions. These stickers are primarily utilized to affixed to assets that will be transported outdoors. The products will encounter rain or snow. These stickers were also chosen for the items that may be stored in a non-controlled warehouse environment. In these warehouses, humidity could cause moisture to build up at certain times. Many companies will seek out a sticker that offers strong UV and abrasion protection in any extreme outdoor environment. High-durable waterproof stickers also resist chemicals, abrasion, and solvents.
  • Legibility: Many hazards in the environment may contain water and moisture. It may pose a risk to the readability of a sticker. To fix this issue, selecting a sticker resistant to abrasion and extreme temperatures could not be a permanent solution. Because these are susceptible to corrosion and could pose a risk over time. Even if a sticker that remains intact could be no longer readable. In that case, the sticker needs to be replaced. That’s why the waterproof stickers are worthy of use.
  • Cost-Effective: There are multiple reasons to use these stickers. That doesn’t mean these are expensive. These stickers are cost-effective. You can look for a manufacturer to provide the services at less cost. To maintain the quality of waterproof stickers, one doesn’t need to use waterproofing spray.

Where Can I Use Waterproof Stickers?

There are multiple uses of waterproof stickers. You need to explore your product and check the required sticker usage. Mainly these stickers can be used in three major industries. The requirement for these stickers is increasing daily with the high demand usage. Let’s look at the three major sectors where waterproof stickers play a lead role.

  • Food Product Stickers: Waterproof stickers are gaining popularity in the market of food products. Let me share one example; your food product has a sticker that is peeling and mangled. Then how unpleasant it is for the customer to pick up the product with a soggy sticker. Food product makers know the outward appearance of their products is significant to their brand identity as what’s inside the packaging. Food product stickers help to maintain the brand image, and most brands would avoid the low-quality image.
  • Cosmetic Product Stickers: The bathroom is the wettest place in the house. Steam and water combine to wreak havoc on the stickers of skin creams, perfume, and other cosmetic products. Customers choose cosmetic products that make them feel good and look good. Peeling stickers and runny ink break that promise. Cosmetic product waterproof stickers are a must in this industry.
  • Outdoor Stickers: There is no doubt that rain, snow, hail, sleet, and ice, all outdoor stickers must endure a non-stop barrage of precipitation. Outdoor stickers are essential in keeping product stickers safe from extreme temperature changes. That’s why most industries use outdoor waterproof stickers to eliminate the problem of peeling off the stickers.

In a Nutshell

With waterproof stickers, you can reduce the risk of sticker loss in the event of exposure to moisture and water. Even the products that will be kept in dry environments such as offices, warehouses, and laboratories may come into contact with the moisture at some time. That’s why waterproof stickers have risen in popularity because they provide the peace of mind that the sticker will remain intact even in the unlikely event of exposure to harsher conditions.

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