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Common Myths About Custom Label Printing

Custom label printing plays an essential role in a competitive market. Label printing helps the brands designate the quality and being an identity of their products. Globally, businesses use custom label printing to promote their brands and products appealingly. There are several varieties in label printing, from brand labels to price tags, which suit your requirements.

Custom label printing is significant for the brand build-up and new start-ups and it is the latest trend in marketing your products and services. You can design the custom label according to your brand and product. Here in this blog, we’ll learn more about customized label printing.

What is Custom Label Printing?

Custom label printing serves different functions depending on your requirement. Label printing is a way to ensure a product and its essential information. With the help of label printing, customers can quickly identify the products. Custom label printing also allows you to design the packaging according to your brand and product. You can also prepare the graphics and textures which suit your brand’s aesthetic. Most thriving industries use custom labels for their products. Industries like cosmetics and personal care use label printing to ensure their products stand out in the marketplace. You can also do this with excellent and superior services for your products.

Custom Label Printing Myths

Undoubtedly, custom label printing can do a miracle for the business regarding marketing and brand awareness. There are numerous benefits of label printing and a wide range of varieties. You need to figure out your requirements and go for the custom label printing accordingly.

However, despite so many features and benefits, there are a few common myths about the usage of custom label printing. These myths are indeed not confirmed, so let’s look at them. It’ll be beneficial to know about it, and you can increase the usage of custom label printing for your business development.

  • Not Safe For The Environment

Most people believe that any form of printing is not suitable and safe for the environment. They think that custom label printing is associated with massive waste products. For this, we should clarify our concept of digital label printing.

Customized label printing reduces waste production and avoids employing hazardous chemicals. Digital label printing is not like traditional printing. It is more organized regarding what needs to be printed and the exact amount required. So you don’t need to worry about it. Custom label printing is entirely safe for our environment and Mother Nature.

  • Recycled Papers Are Used For Label Printing

Most of us are commonly misled by the term recycling. The process of making the paper is extracted from renewable material and as a product of wood. Paper continues to store the carbon throughout its life span. On the other hand, recycled papers have a higher carbon footprint than new paper.

The custom label printing is produced using biofuels without harmful environmental impact. Fossil fuels are dangerous as compared to biofuels. Label printing is extracted from the renewed forests. These forests are responsible for growing a new tree every time a tree is cut down to produce paper. This is how no recycled papers are used for custom label printing.

  • Waste Of Energy

You’ll be surprised that the custom label printing production falls relatively low in energy consumption. Much of the energy is renewable, which is used in label printing. On average, two quintals of custom label printing take 500 kWh. Which is a lot of capacity in terms to return of energy invested.

Customized label printing from wood pulp makes at least 1.1% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. This production system uses renewable, low-carbon energy that is more biomass-based. This explanation is enough to understand that there is no waste of power in the production of custom label printing. Energy has been re-used for label printing production.

  • Custom Labels Have Limited Use

We would like to tell you that this statement is entirely wrong. Custom label printing can utilize in various methods. You need to figure out your requirement, and you can take advantage of label printing for your brand, product, and business.

There are multiple forms to use the custom cut-to-size labels. It can be easily used for promoting, tagging, packaging, promotions, discounts, and other things. Your imagination can only limit you with any standard sticker. But when it comes to custom label printing, its usage is beyond your imagination boundaries. It would help if you explored the different ways to use label printing for your business.

  • Quality Stickers Are Not Affordable

Whenever it comes to running any business, there is no doubt that the price is one of the major concerns. The business could be of any size, and few care about the value. You will get a lot of custom label printing services in the market that offers their services at a lower price. You can save money with the usage of cheaper stickers.

It is always advisable to use good-quality stickers if your brand is essential. You need to research a little in the market. You will get the manufacturers who provide excellent quality custom stickers at affordable prices.

In a Nutshell

Now you don’t need to worry about any myths related to custom label printing. Use label printing carefree for your brand and business. Customized label printing is the best way to represent your products in the market. With the help of custom labels, your brand and product will get an identity. Your customers can easily approach your products with the promotions done by custom labels. It has a lot of impact on marketing. The above myths cannot stop your brand and product from standing in the market.

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