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Custom Glitter Stickers To Bring Spark To Your Brand

Everyone is on the go these days, and it’s no wonder with our busy nonstop lives. It can often be hard to manage, but now people are taking advantage of custom glitter stickers to bring some spark back into business logos!

Glitters can give your logo a new life, whether you’re launching a new product or showing off your business online. Custom glitter stickers can make your logo look more exciting without doing anything beforehand. Just print, stick and then go with your busy life!

What Are Custom Glitter Stickers?

Glitter stickers are waterproof stickers and laminated paper with an adhesive applied to the back. Glitter can add to the logo in multiple colors for a more sophisticated look. This glitter is real and can include diamonds, crystals, or glass!

The custom glitter stickers can be made in any shape and size you need, ranging from 3×3 inches up to 30×30 inches. You can have your logo designed online by selecting the design and layout that’s right for you.

What Makes Custom Glitter Stickers Better Than Other Stickers?

Glitter is more vibrant and colorful than other stickers. That’s why it has become such a popular addition to business logo designs. Glitter stickers are also thinner, so more glitter can add to the design. The thinner design makes printing a glitter sticker much cheaper than other stickers. Glitter doesn’t damage easily either!

Glitter on stickers is also waterproof, meaning that it doesn’t damage or fade through contact with water.

Difference Between Holographic and Glitter Stickers

Stickers usually have a pattern and some text imprinted on them. Some of these stickers may be glittering, while others may be holographic. Let’s find out the exact difference between these glitter stickers and holographic stickers.

Holographic is a type of material that use to print stickers. This material is famous for its iridescent effect vinyl, which gives designs a pleasing rainbow impression. They feature stunning, vibrant, and bold tones that give your artwork a sophisticated appeal. These stickers have a distinct quality that will enhance the visual appeal of your products and packaging.

These stickers have a unique finish that enhances the elegance of your creation. Adding a little glitz to any design can make it look better—and commonly found on retail items, brand legitimacy, ID cards, and other valuable assets. Holographic stickers are the ideal option if you want to add additional sparkle to your stickers to make them stand out.

However, glitter stickers are similar to holographic stickers with a similar difference, but they merely have a different pattern. It has a glittery effect, which explains why it’s called glitter stickers. These stickers are trendy among children, who use them to decorate their water bottles and notebooks.

Add Shine To Your Business With Custom Glitter Stickers

Add some sparkle into your life with custom glitter stickers! Glitter stickers can be utilized by a wide range of individuals and businesses, and if used correctly, stickers can aid in developing a company’s brand. All they have to do now is order the custom glitter stickers and put them to good use.

Another advantage of custom glitter stickers is that they come in various shades. Which color you want to print on the glitter sticker is entirely up to you. For example, if your company logo is green, you can also use the same color for your business sticker. You can also make a sparkling effect by combining two or more colors.

Packaging is crucial in attracting customers and allowing them to identify your brand. Using custom glitter stickers, you can brighten up and customize your packaging. Glitter Stickers are cost-effective and can customize the design, size, and form to meet your specific needs.

If you have equipment visible to clients, you can use custom glitter stickers to brand it. You can decorate it with custom glitter stickers if you have a laptop, refrigerator, table, or cash register. These items will serve as mini-advertisers, allowing customers to remember your brand.


Set your business apart from the rest by creating custom glitter stickers! Glitter stickers are distinguished from regular stickers by their shine and sparkle, as well as their larger size. They can adhere to any surface.

Many sites like Sticky Attack offers custom glitter sticker printing for a small fee. You can order a logo or sticker online and add the glitter to the specifications. We can print custom glitter stickers for you, regardless of the design, color, size, and shape.

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