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Custom Labels for Food Industry

Does the custom labels are only used for marketing or promotional activities? Are they limited? The answer is an absolute NO! Of course, custom labels have no limits in providing opportunities as long as the creativity doesn’t fade.

Custom Labels and Food Industry

The food industry is truly a promising field if you want to be creative innovative. Not only because the food business is growing rapidly worldwide but also because there are endless possibilities when it comes to branding ingredients, products, and company names. Yet, custom labels are essential and will be required by anyone involved in the food industry.

Custom labels give your product more visibility and help you raise brand awareness, and help define your product’s unique identity. With custom labels, you can plan for various customer attractive campaigns and print QR scan menu cards for easy ordering.

What Are Custom Labels For In The Food Industry?

Now, we have a basic answer. But let’s discuss this in more detail so that you can make the most out of these essential yet versatile tools. Let’s start with food labels!

1. Custom Food Labeling

There are many types of food labels available in the market. They vary according to the kind of food and how you want your product’s packaging to look. For example, custom stickers are ideal for labeling small packages or bottles, whereas custom labels are handy for more oversized packages such as a jar packages or carton boxes.

Also, the custom labels have many other advantages in a fun and effective way of attracting customers!

2. Welcoming Customers

Custom labels are an extremely effective way to welcome your customers and create a positive first impression. You can print your business name, logo, contact information, and the values you wish to convey on a business card and pass it on to your customers whenever they visit you. It will help in creating brand awareness among the customers.

3. Links To Menu

Custom labels with QR scan codes help customers get the link to the restaurant menu. It is a helpful feature for your business.

People don’t need to stand/wait in a queue line with these custom labels to order. They can easily order from their table, on which you stick a custom label with the QR scan code of the menu card. Customers can easily find the menu, discounts, offers, special dishes on the menu, and other info without any direct interactions. Also, this feature helps avoid mistakes in receiving orders!

4. Adding Nutritional Information

Nutritional information is readily available in every packet or meat/seafood packaging on our daily diet. For example, by printing nutritional information, you can make your customers understand particular food’s health benefits and the carbs, fat, protein, and other vital details about that specific product. You can print the label directly on the product calling out its nutrition benefits and the company’s name and address

5. Allergen Information

Allergens are food items that might cause allergic reactions in a person. This information should be given to the customers before they buy and consume that product to avoid any allergies. So, you can also use custom labels to show the allergen information on your product label, allowing the customers to prevent them.

6. Organize Your Space

Mostly in cake shops, food streets, in some restaurants, customers find a variety of foods and ask for their names. If the owner focused on one customer, another customer felt ignored because they didn’t know the name or prolonged waiting. It happens every day due to busy work hours.

Using custom labels to name the foods or list ingredients for special foods solves the issue! You can print your business/brand name on the label to have your own mark. Also, adding QR codes make it easy and more appealing.

7. Premium Packaging

Using custom labels and stickers can make your packaging more colorful and attractive; it will attract more attention from your customers. It is a good marketing strategy to promote the brand image in your product’s packaging.

8. Loyalty/Gift Cards

Loyalty/gift cards are helpful to engage your customer. You can use these custom labels to create a more interactive environment between your customer and brand using coupons, scratch-offs, loyalty cards, gift certificates, and other customized labels.

Custom stickers are an excellent way to promote new products. You can use these stickers in various places like on your product packaging, window storefronts, and any other place where you want to showcase your latest product.

9. Save Time And Energy

You can also use custom labels on various products in various places and provide detailed information about each product to your customers in one go. You can use custom name badges and stickers to label things like family pictures, frames, storage boxes, and other personal belongings for storing essential items in one place. If you have a coffee shop, you may use cup stickers like the coffee shop name, logo, business hours, etc., for your customers to know about you quickly.

10. Enhancing Visibility

You can make food products stand out from the rest with custom labels and stickers. It is an excellent method for skyrocketing your sales figures and keeping competitors away from dividing market share with you.

Custom labels and stickers are cost-effective and valuable marketing tool that is easy to use, understand and install easily. You can use them to link people with QR codes for easy ordering, easier customer retention, and brand awareness. As mentioned above, there are also various other benefits that you can get out of it.

Custom labels can use in various ways to enhance your business; this is one thing that will be able to make you gain more in the long run. If you wish to try something new for your food business, contact Sticky Attack to assist in custom label printing.

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