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Tips To Find The Right Measurement For Custom Labels

Once you’ve found the perfect custom labels for your item or product, it’s time to find the correct measurements for the custom label to make your product stand out. Products come in various shapes and sizes. Going for a random custom label for your product will lead to a colossal failure. If you own a micro business, nothing is more shocking than knocking down the brand image you planned to strengthen in the first place. But don’t panic. You won’t always need an experienced one to create a stunning and extraordinary custom label for your product that can help increase your credibility. You can outline your label on your own, which is far more economical if you begin your business.

Selecting the correct label size is essential to creating a good product custom label that will excite people. Do not forget that there is no standard label size for each product, even if the products have the exact sizes. For example, not all 12-ounce bottles look the same. They can arrive in different shapes that will need different types of custom labels to ensure that the label will not come off. This blog will help you to determine the correct measurements for custom labels.

Why Are Measurements Important To Order Custom Labels?

When ordering the custom labels, one of the major decisions is working out the best size to get. If choosing the size is too tiny, your design may get lost in the shuffle. Selecting the size that is too big may fail to inspire your fans or future customers.

Product custom labels generally have specific size requirements as well. The incorrectly sized custom labels may send the wrong message regardless of your brand. When choosing the size, one of the first things to think about is where you plan on applying them. Will they require to be a particular size to match your product packaging? Also, not forget that a single brand label can be utilized for numerous purposes and package sizes.

Getting the adequately sized custom labels for your products will help you present them competently, whether they are on display for sale or in your customers’ hands. Because this is such a critical decision, let’s take a closer look at some points to consider when choosing the size.

Popular Standard Sizes of Custom Labels

Standard sizes of custom labels have the brilliant convenience of being available to buy in most of the materials. Most custom labels have standard layouts, often used across the labeling industry to make custom-label products. You can also design your desired custom labels on your own.

It is appropriate to see all the material options for a standard custom label size to decide which one is perfect for your product. Most standard custom labels are available in different shapes like square, round, rectangular, rounded corners, and oval.

  • Round-shaped labels have the option to leave a small gap between the edges of the label, or you can completely wrap the product.
  • Square-shaped labels have a unique and modern look. It can be used for decoration purposes because these labels have wide panels.
  • Rectangular labels add the perfect finishing touch to the products like gift boxes, bottles, and jars. High-quality rectangular labels can give you the exact look you need.
  • The rounded corner labels offer a unique look and style that will grab people’s attention.
  • Oval-shaped labels can be used on products that can be used for everyday business activities.

These popular standard sizes are unique. You can use these labels according to your preferences. These custom labels can help you to save money and are available in the highest quality labels to give you the perfect fit for your products.

Tips To Find The Right Measurement For Custom Labels

Choosing the right measurement for custom labels involves knowing what details you will put in your label with the shape of the product packaging. Let’s follow the simple steps when finding the right measurement for custom labels.

Think about the information you add to your custom label, like the brand name or logo, net weight, directions, ingredients, warnings, etc. It is essential that when finding the right measurements for custom labels, this information will be readable and clear, and visually pleasing when printed. The wrong measurements for custom labels can compromise the details.

You can print a flexible ruler if you don’t have a measuring tape to measure the product’s surface and trace the figure accurately. It’s good to print the various custom label shapes and sizes and then try the products’ labels. The other step is wrapping the paper around the product and then trimming the paper until an exact fit is obtained. After that, you can measure the final size of the custom label. Again, when measuring the custom label size on your own, note down any irregularities and tapering. Otherwise, your custom label will not perfectly fit the product.


Getting the wrong measurements for custom labels can result in labels not adhering to the surface properly. The formation of flagging and wrinkles leads to peeling and tearing. These are exceptionally annoying to the eye and can impact your brand image erratically.

Custom label size is not something you should decide passionately for your business. Besides measuring the custom label dimensions on your own, it’s better to provide your label company with a sample of your products to ensure a perfect label fit. It is also essential to choose the correct measurements for the custom labels and choose the suitable label material and shape.

When it comes to brand building, you should be careful with the right measurements for the custom labels. It is pretty crucial because custom labels help to enhance the business. The custom label with perfect size is essential for business growth and the long run.

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