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Custom Sticker Trends 2022

The need for custom stickers is getting bigger and better every day in both personal and professional ways. Thus, everyone is looking for new designs and patterns while carrying its primary purpose of promotion and engagement, so one must be aware of the custom sticker trends that will be rocking in the coming 2022!

Well-designed custom made stickers can attract more attention and drive traffic than regular stickers. Also, these can be used anywhere, such as laptops, vehicles, clothes, lunch boxes, gadgets, etc. This is why custom sticker trends are constantly evolving.

By looking ahead, you can make your stickers design look awe-inspiring and grab attention, a winning stake for business owners to get ahead of rivals.

Top Custom Sticker Trends 2022

  • Unconventional Design

This trend is further explained as unconventional design, the game-changer trend of 2022. The main idea is to be different from the standard and utterly different from a sticker design’s original form or shape.

  • Distressed

This trend is mainly featured in the design of stickers. A distressed or worn-out design is something new that will be trendy in 2022. The main idea is that distressed stickers are designed with scratches, dents, and dirt.

  • Sticker Walls

Sticker walls are usually made by combining small amounts of different designs to create a more significant design with an overall effect of a more considerable impact. Custom sticker walls will be more convenient for business promotions in real estate areas, shopping malls, restaurants, etc.

  • Die-Cut

Die-cut stickers cut into either custom or standard shape or size. It requires a laser cut process to cut entirely through the sticker’s backing, so all you see is the custom shape and sticker design. These are good-to-go stickers that everyone likes to stick on their belongings as these designs don’t seem regular.

  • Kiss-Cut

Like die-cut, kiss-cut stickers come in custom design shapes without cutting through the backing paper. These custom made stickers are available in a roll too. Rolled kiss-cut stickers are more convenient and ideal for the machine sticker printing process.

  • Vivid Colors

Indeed, this trend is about radical design and adding color to ordinary sticker designs. This design can be achieved by being bright and vibrant, thus creating a different look from the usual white designs!

For people who look for bright and sharp designs, vivid colors are the best choice.

  • Glossy Finish

The glossy finish is an excellent method to make your stickers shine bright and last longer in any weather conditions. These glossy finish stickers can get a lot of attention because it processed in a high gloss and laminated texture that helps protect against scratches and UV rays.

  • Self-Laminating Stickers

Self-laminated stickers can be a top trending custom sticker of 2022 as it is the best to gram more attention from many users. These stickers are beneficial to preserve documents and other papers. Apart from that, self-laminating stickers are also good to use in school kids’ books, folders, binders, and household purposes.

  • Retro

Retro design is always a trend in any industry, including custom stickers. Retro and vintage style designed stickers indeed meet every business promotion needs. Also, help attract all age group customers as its old-style meets older people’s thoughts and uniqueness attract youngsters.

Those, as mentioned earlier, are the upcoming custom sticker trends in 2022 and will undoubtedly play an essential role in the custom stickers industry for the coming years.

Nowadays, customers do care more about business stickers than ever. However, judging a product quality is started from the sticker, which attracts before the product, so make sure your custom made stickers are stand out among others.

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