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Custom Stickers For Nonprofit

Spreading awareness and helping others are the main objectives for most nonprofit organizations and one of the best ways to bring it to the people is through promotional activities. Among all the choices, custom stickers are a simple and effective promotional tool for nonprofit organizations. Stickers can be customized to meet your needs and serve your sponsorship, fundraising, or marketing campaign objectives.

Nonprofits cannot always spend money to get their message out into the world. This is where custom stickers come in handy because they are inexpensive and easy to use.

Why Use Custom Stickers for Nonprofit Organizations?

Custom stickers are a simple and effective solution because they are:

1. Versatile

The uses for custom stickers are endless. They can use as promotional materials, fundraising and sponsorship materials, and even as direct mail or event marketing materials.

2. Colorful

Stickers can be printed in any color, which helps them stand out from other marketing materials. The vivid colors make people take a second look at your stickers which is what you want them to do because people will then take a closer look at your message.

3. Portable

Custom stickers are small enough to be used as direct mail or event marketing materials, but they are durable enough to be used as fundraising or sponsorship materials. You can take them with you whenever you want.

4. Durable

Custom stickers are often designed to adhere on any surface, including photographic backgrounds and other surfaces such as metal, glass, plastic, wood, and vinyl. They can also be printed in several colors, making it even easier for the audience to see and read your message.

5. Giveaway

Volunteers would appreciate sticker sheets as a simple gift that allows them to show their support for your cause and spread it far and wide. Alumni volunteers can be engaged on several levels by using stickers.

And there are a few more reasons, which include –

  • Stickers are a form of brand identity.
  • Stickers communicate information to your supporters.
  • Relationship-building opportunities via stickers like “Love my school.”

What to Put On Nonprofit Custom Stickers?

Now that you are aware that custom stickers are simple and effective tools for nonprofit organizations, it is time to figure out what to put on your custom stickers. The best way to know is to let the people who will receive your message decide by asking them what they would like to see.

You can have up to three different types of messages on your nonprofit customized stickers, which include:

  • The logo – If your nonprofit organization has a logo, you can put it on one of the sides of the sticker. It helps people remember when they see your events or campaign next campaign.
  • Your organization’s name is commonly used for stickers because it is noticeable and easy to read.
  • Your message – the most crucial part of any promotional activity is your message or slogan, so you should design something memorable for the audience. You can use text, graphics, photographs, and QR codes to tell your message. Try to keep it short and easy to read because people’s attention span is lacking these days.

Profitable Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas With Custom Stickers

Stickers are a visual asset that makes your nonprofit stand out from other organizations. But the challenge of how to get them promoted and profitable. Here are a few suggestions for promoting and getting benefits from custom stickers for nonprofits.

1. Share with staff:

Make custom stickers part of your staff’s daily work. Use them to congratulate a colleague, reward an employee for a job well done, or simply seal important letters and documents.

2. Use for thank you cards:

Thank donors and volunteers with custom stickers that have your nonprofit’s name on them as well as the logo or symbol of your organization. Make sure that the sticker is big enough to read and be noticed.

3. Use as membership incentive:

Make custom stickers for your members as part of your membership campaign. It is a popular way to encourage incoming members.

4. Use as fundraising cards:

Posters or flyers that include custom stickers for donations or fundraisers can be effective for nonprofit organizations. You can use them to promote upcoming events, collections, conferences, and fund-raising activities.

5. Use as incentives for filling out surveys:

You can include stickers as an incentive to fill out a survey. Your organization can conduct surveys regularly to get feedback from your donors, volunteers, and other members. It benefits in more ways!

6. Use during events:

Custom stickers are handy for events because they can bring awareness, support a political candidate or party, or any new product promotion campaign. You can even use them for electing the board of trustees in your organization.

7. Use in direct mail:

This is when you want the recipient to take action immediately upon opening the envelope. Also, it can stick to product packages!

8. Sell them:

Out of all the above, it’s a straightforward thing to get more attention and profits. You can directly sell them or use them as a gift for any purchase/donation.

The ultimate purpose of nonprofit marketing is to encourage people to support the organization’s objective. Custom stickers can assist in bringing individuals closer to that goal. They are more useful and have unlimited opportunities to bring awareness to the nonprofit organization.

If you want to support or need to promote any significant event or cause, contact Sticky Attack! We provide a full range of custom stickers and labels to help you raise awareness for your program.

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