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Do you know what is a sticker marketing and its purpose?

With contextual filters, Internet ad blockers, DVR and satellite radio constraints, and the clutter of print media, it can be challenging to stand out in today’s marketing environment. Few forms of advertising, meanwhile, are as time-tested as good ol’ sticker marketing.

Sticker marketing has been utilized by businesses, musicians, politicians, social movements, small businesses, schools, and anybody else with a serious or humorous message because it is effective in grabbing people’s attention.

Sticker marketing is a potent, inexpensive marketing tactic that grabs consumers’ attention and can be applied almost anyplace, including walls, windows, cars, laptops, bags, pavements, and machines.

Physical, offline types of social media and broadcasting include promotional stickers. Long before the Internet, people used stickers to establish dialogues and perform actions like “liking,” publishing, pinning, and tagging.

They consistently produce low-cost exposure, impressions, and word-of-mouth marketing when correctly designed and delivered. Speaking of that, here are some of the things you should consider if you want to use sticker marketing.

1. Sell As A Successful Product

If used properly, promotional stickers can even generate revenue as standalone goods. A brand’s name, tagline, or image may stick with consumers. To produce stickers that fans will pay for, you don’t have to be Life Is Good or a well-known band.

You may certainly design a sticker with enough perceived value to make people want to display it and be prepared to pay for the right to do so if you have retail alternatives, a distinctive angle to a particular market, or supporters and advocates. Just be sure the sticker meets the wants and preferences of the buyer, not just your own marketing or branding requirements.

2. Word-of-mouth marketing

Word-of-mouth advertising continues to be one of the most effective promotional strategies, despite social media and online presence in the marketing industry. 90% of consumers, according to research, rely on recommendations from others before making a purchasing decision. This simply means that consumers want to acquire information from a source they can trust before making a decision or purchasing a product.

An appropriately distributed bespoke sticker with stirring content can generate talk for your brand. Stickers are frequently used to promote dialogue and disseminate information among the greater community.

3. “I have to buy one” mindset

Your imagination can generate income. Make a sticker that has enough perceived worth for people to want to display it and be willing to pay for the right to do so. Let the sticker grow into a successful item or a chance to donate to charity all by itself.

Stickers foster a more intimate connection between your customers and your goods. The beneficiaries have already agreed to a deal with you once they attach it to their property. Sticker marketing needs to be well planned, designed, and implemented in order to be as effective as possible.

4. Guerilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing is a wonderful match for sticker marketing. Guerrilla marketing is innovative advertising that achieves marketing objectives by utilizing no-cost or low-cost resources and unorthodox strategies. Here are some short suggestions you might use:

  • Work with physical stores to place customized stickers in high-traffic areas of the establishment. Consider dining room tables, amusing restroom signage, bare walls, etc;
  • Use stickers and other promotional materials to support a band, theatrical company, or skateboarding facility;
  • Collaborate with a neighborhood to add artistic flair to a drab public space. To maximize the potential of social media for your brand’s image, pair a mural with takeaway stickers or get an unique selfie frame booth.

A powerful CTA

You can include calls to action in the text of your stickers. You can achieve this by making sure that the words stay in the thoughts of your target audience. A coupon code may also be printed on the sticker and then adhered to a flyer.

In this manner, you can keep tabs on how your campaign is being received by the public. It’s a wonderful method to draw attention to any special offers you may have or to provide more details about the goods and services your company provides.

How to successfully use stickers?

Stickers are an excellent way for you to brand your items and packaging because they are so inexpensive. Unbranded cardboard jars or boxes can be purchased in bulk, and your logo can then be added by hand.

Make sure you choose a label that is similar if your packaging is compostable. You can choose from a wide range of materials thanks to the many printing firms.

Give your imagination wide rein. Get imaginative and make them a wonderful contact with your company, especially in the Covid-19 era where stickers and floor graphics have permeated many shops.

Some of the most famous sticker marketing strategies

Although Reddit now has over 1 billion unique visits each month, it wasn’t always this well-known. The business started out with a low advertising budget. Stickers were the solution the founders chose because they were aware of their restricted possibilities. They stuck stickers on posts and signage wherever they went.

The goal of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) was to emphasize the value of aiding other nations. They allowed their stickers to stick to individuals rather than attaching them to buildings or signage. They hid the stickers on the ground with the adhesive side out so that as people walked over them, their shoes would pick them up. When they attempted to remove it, they discovered a landmine image on the reverse, warning them that if they had done so in another nation, they would already be dead.

Stickers the size of a palm were used by Gillette to initiate a smart marketing campaign. They merely stuck a small sticker on the ones that were already there rather than spending money on their own efforts to reserve outdoor advertisements and signage in Manhattan. The sticker, which was applied to faces to give the appearance that someone had cut themself shaving, looked like a bloody tissue.

In addition to placing dog food stickers on the ground, Pedigree‘s sticker marketing campaign also sprayed the stickers with the brand’s aroma. Street dogs would rush to the sticker and begin licking and sniffing it. The enticing label made it clear to the owners what meal their dogs preferred. Even better, these stickers were posted in front of grocery stores and pet shops, where customers would see them as they made purchases.


Stickers foster a more intimate connection between your customers and your goods. The beneficiaries have already agreed to a deal with you once they attach it to their property. Sticker marketing needs to be well planned, designed, and implemented in order to be as effective as possible.

Sticker marketing offers equal opportunity for everybody. Smaller brands typically have the ability to match the marketing spend of a larger brand. How well a campaign conveys a product’s value while eliciting an emotion is what distinguishes it from others. When utilizing stickers to sell a product, try to pique people’s interest while highlighting its benefits.

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