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Do’s and Don’ts of Custom Label Printing

Label designing is one of the great perks when it comes to brand or product marketing. You can customize your labels or stickers in various ways but, there are a few things that need to be considered before ordering your custom label printing.

There are numerous aspects to consider when it comes to label or sticker printing. While certain unique tactics can be employed for individual labels, there are a few general guidelines that can be used for almost any labeling project.

To help you with your next label printing order, we’ve developed a list of custom label printing dos and don’ts. These will help you avoid costly mistakes and hassles too.

Do’s of Custom Label Printing

1. Add A Personalized Touch

The easiest way to create a memorable label is to add a personal touch. Even a minor disclaimer can be a great selling point. At the same time, avoid going overboard with handwriting or adding text within the design. It will undoubtedly look tacky and cheap.

Consumerswant to know about the companies they areworking with, so adding a personal touch that humanizes your brand is a fantastic idea.

2. Utilize Your Color Schemes

Colors play a crucial role when it comes to marketing. So make sure you choose your colors wisely before ordering for custom label printing. Do try and avoid using too many colors on labels or stickers that are used for indoor product labeling, especially if it’s a sticker that is wrapped around a product.

Just stay in line with the brand by using your product or services representing colors.

3. Pay Attention To The Material

When it comes to custom sticker printing or label printing, you should consider the material that will use on your labels. Consider using different materials for your stickers.

For example, if you have a product, which will be shown outside or delivered by courier, you might not want to use paper printing. Paper prints are always at risk of being damaged since they are ready to tear. Furthermore, they are unable to withstand adverse climatic conditions as glossy labels. So, if you want your stickers to last longer, focus on custom design labels that will look great on labeling sheets and other surfaces.

4. Safety Measure

When it comes to label design, any country’s health and safety regulations must be strictly followed, especially for food& beverages. On the product label, regulations such as required warnings and precautions, ingredient lists, shelf life, and other instructions should state clearly.

When employing a product that lacks safety information, a brand is unlikely to recover from damaging exposure relating to consumer harm or illness.

Don’ts of Custom Label Printing

a) Overcrowd

Label printing is very similar to graphic designing so you will need to remember the basic dos and don’ts of graphic art when working on your designs.One of the biggest mistakes is overcrowding the label. Avoid having too many colors, logos, or images and over-complicated die-cuts on it.

b) Trimming Edges

Since custom label printing is applied to an item after it is permanently affixed, avoid trimming the edges for these labels. Keep it simple and avoid overly intricate designs or details that may cause problems during printing or application.

c) False Claims

It’s a fact that customers are looking for environmental and socially conscious brands and products nowadays. If your products are not eco-friendly, do not pretend to be one. Because making health, environmental, or other forms of claim on your product label is proof of your big mistake if you can’t verify the reality.

Consumers and regulators are becoming warier of deceptive advertising and labeling practices and are cracking down on companies who are being dishonest in any way. So, don’t jeopardize your brand reputation or credibility because you want to give them what they want to hear.

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