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Glitter Stickers for Businesses to Make Your Brand Stand Out

Are you looking for unique ideas for your brand awareness campaign in 2023?

Your brand must be doing great with your existing customers but, would it hurt to gain a few extra hundreds of loyal and lasting customers? No, right?

But, how to gain this loyal audience? You must be wondering.

Well, the bold way we may say! You do not have to spend several thousand on your branding campaigns if you start spending the right way!

We are talking about glitter stickers. If used in the right way, glitter stickers can help your brand stand out from the crowd making it a real eye-catcher.

But what are Glitter Stickers? You may question.  

So, today, through this blog, we will help you understand what are glitter stickers and how can you use them to make your brand stand out.

What are Glitter Stickers?

Glitter stickers are multi-layered shimmery stickers that hold the tendency to attract attention, wherever they are kept. Glitter Stickers are usually made up of 5-thin layers to ensure that it remains water, scratch, and sun resistant for long durations.

  • The first (top-most) layer of the sticker helps the print to remain intact and durable.
  • The second layer contributes to the printed part of the sticker.
  • The third layer of the glitter sticker is made up of glitter vinyl. This layer is also known as the base layer.
  • The fourth layer of the glitter stickers is usually a medium-strength adhesive used to ensure that the sticker stays intact and when removed, does not leave any glue adhesive.
  • The last layer is usually a tick-backing paper that is added to give a premium feel to the glitter sticker.

Read further to know how can these shining glitter vinyl stickers help you in brand promotion.

Four Smart Ways to Use Glitter Stickers for Your Brand

Here are four smart ways to induce glitter stickers in your marketing campaigns and see escalating results!

Logo Stickers

Your logo is the most prominent thing about your brand. Usually, your customer may forget your brand’s name but can easily recall your brand’s eye-catching logo. Moreover, your brand’s logo in a shimmery material can make the effect last. Thus, the next time you pack an item for your customers or are planning a giveaway, add a pair of glitter logos and make the magic happen.

Sticker Sheets

If you are planning a giveaway, your brand’s logo and a few additional glitter sticker sheets can be the most eye-catching gift to be added to the gift boxes.  All you have to do is select a few quirky elements that you want in the glitter sheet and share them with us. We will take the elements and print cute sticker sheets for you.

Product Labels

Glitter stickers add a premium effect even to the most ordinary items from your store. If you are selling products such as kid’s items, just add up a shimmery label with a minimalistic logo to the product and you can experience a significant increase in the sales of your product.

Laptop Stickers

Laptops can be very ordinary-looking devices until one adds a touch of shimmery glitter stickers to them. The best way to remain in front of your customer’s eye can be in the form of laptop stickers.

Just giveaway laptop stickers with a minimalistic logo and a quirky design the next time you plan on giving freebies with your item. This way, your brand will have a lasting impression on your customer and the people around you.

Why are Glitter Stickers the Best Choice?

You know how to utilize glitter stickers for your brand. Now before wrapping up, let us explain why are glitter stickers the best type of stickers to use.

Glitter stickers are durable.

Glitter stickers are stickers made using multi-layered sheets that are long-lasting. Thus, using glitter stickers eliminates the need of changing and rechanging the stickers again and again.

Glitter stickers are resistant to extremities.

If made by the right sticker makers such as at the Sticky attack sticker store, glitter stickers are made with sustainable materials that are highly resistant to heat, water, scratch, and extreme temperatures. Thus, no matter where you stick your brand’s imprints, they may last for years without fading.

Glitter stickers are eye-catching.

Glitter stickers are made up of quirky shimmery material that is bound to catch everyone’s eye. If you are planning on raising awareness about your brand, there can be no better option than custom glitter stickers.

Glitter stickers can be multi-purpose.

Glitter stickers are the kind of stickers that can be used by everyone and everywhere! From laptops to books to refrigerators to phone cases. One can use a glitter sticker wherever they wish to.

Summing It Up

The highly sustainable material of the Glitter stickers makes it a perfect fit to be added to any of the brand awareness-raising campaigns. Thus, next time when you think of a unique way to raise your brand’s awareness, don’t forget to add up the glitter stickers to your team!

If you are looking for a custom glitter sticker printing company anywhere in Italy, then the Sticky Attack sticker store in Italy will be more than ecstatic to help you with a large variety of custom glitter stickers. Not just glitter stickers, the store is also home to various kinds of stickers such as holographic stickers, vinyl stickers, regular stickers, etc.

What are you waiting for? Just explore the stickyattack sticker store for all your sticker-related needs now!

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