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5 Ways in which Glitter Stickers can help you in your Small Business

“The power of glitters is such that- It sticks wherever it is spread!” 

Do you also wonder, why those cute emojis and quotes leave a lasting impact on our memory?

The lasting effect of the stickers on our memory is because they are colorful and bright! Plus, when they have glitters added to them!

Gosh! Glitter stickers leave a very cheerful impact upon our memory!       

After all, it is very rightly said by ‘The Wanderer’-

“There’s no problem in life which glitter can’t fix”.

We all love glitter stickers because it makes everything cheerful within its surroundings!

Now during these times, when the pandemic situations aren’t allowing you for giant promotions and like everyone, you are also stuck with online promotions, we have a masterstroke that you can play for the promotion of your business-

Sticker Marketing

Sticker marketing is a very unique method of promotions that leaves a very good effect if done in a right way.

You can even customize stickers and make them Glitter stickers. The merit part about glitter stickers is that- they don’t have to be giant.

Even the tiniest glitter stickers hold the tendency to spread awareness about your brand very effectively!

Today we will discuss 5 ways in which glitter stickers can help you in converting traffic visiting your product to them being a permanent consumer of your product.

How to use glitter stickers for your business’ benefit?

There are various loopholes from customer satisfaction to your brand’s moto awareness that glitter stickers can easily fulfill. There are a number of ways in which you can experiment with brand awareness through glitter stickers. Want to know how? Let’s discover-

a.   You can create product labels through glitter stickers.

We generally do not read out all that black & white stuff written upon a product. What usually captures our mind within the first 3 seconds of picking up a product is its attractively presented product label.

You can create attractive product labels (and use them as your logo) with the help of glitter stickers and impress your potential customer through your first impression!

b.  Glitter stickers are the best options for attractive sticker seals.

Nowadays people like to share their unboxing experiences online and good packaging is something that makes your customers happy.

While unboxing the product delivered by you, won’t it be super adorable if your customer complains to you that the packing was so good that they didn’t want to open it!

Yes! That is possible through glitter stickers. Customize your seals with glitter stickers. Add a personalized quote such as-

“Your smile is our aim”

“You matter”

“Smile, that’s the best pose you can give!” etc.

Add suitable quotes that can connect your product with your customer.

We know you must be wondering that the customer has already bought the product then why do you have to impress them now? The best way to keep your customer coming back to you is to make them realize that they bought the right thing.

Tip: Don’t forget to add your logo with that nice personalized quote. Your customer must know that you are authentic.

c.   Glitter stickers for Brand merchandising.

One of the biggest confusion while organizing an event is to decide what to give out while brand merchandising. Giving out a hamper from your product may cost a lot if you are about to do brand merchandising for a large audience.

Consider convenient-to-make glitter stickers? Just add some of your brand logo’s glitter stickers along with a bottle of soft drink or other eatables. The addition of glitter stickers will represent your brand’s consideration for the people. You can also give away your brand’s glitter stickers to be used as laptop stickers and fridge magnets etc.

d.  Glitter stickers can be great freebies.

Everyone loves something that has freebies!

 Hence, adapting to this psychology, most of the young businesses have already adopted this way of Brand promotions. With every order, they give away some glitter stickers that their product and customer both can relate with. You can also try this method to book a space in your customer’s good books as a product.

e.   Tell your employees that they matter through a cheerful pack of glitter stickers.

If your employee is happy with you, then it will be visible in your next growth curve.

And sometimes, it is not just big gifts that can impress your employees.

Try out some of the best acknowledgeable glitter stickers for your employee and gift it to them as a monthly coupon of appreciation!


Sticker marketing is a very powerful tool that must not be ignored! There are a lot of ways in which sticker marketing is effective for your business and waiting for others to try them out will not be a good idea in this world which is driven by the unique firsts!

Plus! Getting glitter-stickers for your business is cost-effective! You just have to look for Sticker Mule Online and voila! We will be there for you, discussing some more ideas that suit your business requirements.

At Stickyattack, you can find get the glitter stickers customized according to your needs and we will ensure to create the best glitter stickers for you within very little time!

Doubting our commitment? Try out now!

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