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copertina grafici

Graphic department

In addition to producing fantastic stickers, we also offer a service of modification and creation of logos, caricatures, layouts and much more.
Read the description of our graphics and request a quote from whoever seems to you best suited to your needs

Logo claudio

Hi, I’m Claudio Donzelli, graphic designer and illustrator.
Ever since I was a child I have always been attracted to drawing and those who created it.
Since then I have never removed the pencil from my hand so, after continuous studies and a lot of practice,
I managed to transform what was a simple passion
in a real trade.

My specializations are in:

Cartoon / Retro style illustration

You will find below some of my latest works.
If you are interested contact me!

Logo samu

Bye! I’m Samuele, graphic designer and illustrator of Stickyattack

I have always had a passion for drawing, images and colors and for the past 3 years I have made this passion the
my job.

I specialize in logo design, portraits and custom illustrations.
Below you can find some examples of my work and my style

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