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Guide to Different Types of Customizable Stickers

Whether you are a lover of cool decorative things or are a business person looking for ways to enhance your brand’s awareness, Custom Stickers are a thing that you would never want to miss!

Custom Stickers are eye-catching customizable stickers that can add life to a rather boring surface. If designed perfectly, these custom stickers can easily attract the attention of the viewer who ends up reading the details and remembering them for a long time.

Thus, no matter what age, or profession you are, there’s always a certain type of sticker that can be useful to you. In today’s blog, we will educate you about 8 major types of stickers you can find at the Sticky attack sticker store in Italy and how they can be brought best in use.

8 Major Types of Customizable Stickers Available at Sticky Attack Sticker Stores

Sticky Attack is a team of sticker creators in Italy, that creates various types of customizable stickers on demand. Here are 8 types of stickers that can be created at the Sticky Attack Sticker store.

Vinyl Stickers

The stickers made from PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride are known as Vinyl Stickers. These customizable stickers are long-lasting and resistant to heat, water, or scratch. Due to the use of strong adhesive, Vinyl stickers are difficult to remove, thus it is very important that you choose a vinyl sticker that you are sure to not get bored of any time soon.

Usage: Vinyl stickers make up the best decorative items. Hence you can use them as decorative on surfaces such as laptop surfaces, water bottles, refrigerators, or car windows.  

For business purposes, you can add customized vinyl stickers (with your brand’s logo) as a giveaway gift, or freebie.

Paper Stickers  

The non-durable stickers made from paper are known as paper stickers. Paper stickers can not tolerate wear and tear, and thus are the most ideal type to use indoors. Paper stickers can be easily removed leaving no adhesive remaining thus, you do not have to worry about where to stick.

Usage: Paper stickers make up the best companion if you are a lover of diaries and Scrapbooks. You can be creative and add some paper stickers to your journal to make it look vibrant.

For business, you can give away paper stickers to your employees who would love to maintain a journal as a new year’s resolution. You do not have to take the pain of customization. Simply visit the creative sticker printing team and ask them to create beautiful paper stickers with your logo on them.

Die-Cut Stickers

As the name suggests, Die-Cut Stickers are “cut” around the contours of their actual shape. Unlike regular stickers, Die-Cut stickers can be cut in any shape that you imagine. Die-Cut stickers can be made either with vinyl or paper sheets. Thus, these can be used both indoors as well as outdoors.

Usage: Die-cut stickers can add a touch of creativity to various surfaces indoors, as well as outdoors. You can use them on key holders, refrigerators, Laptop surfaces, water bottles, etc.

If you are a small or thriving brand, you can use die-cut stickers to create your brand’s logo. You can add them as packaging stickers or add up to the products packed in glass. The customizable stickers can not be easily removed. Hence, while your customer uses the glass containers, they will be reminded where they bought them from.

Decal Stickers

Decal stickers are generally harder to remove once they have been used, thus, they should be used with proper consideration. The Decal Sticker is made from a thin layer of plastic which makes the stickers resistant to scratch wear or tear.

Usage: You can simply use creative decal stickers on metallic surfaces such as surfaces of cars and bikes. If you have a unique taste, you can also get your decal stickers and customize your vehicle with the same.

If you are a working professional or a business person you can suggest a creative decal sticker to be included in the interior designs of your workspace.

Static Cling Stickers

Static cling stickers stick on surfaces with the help of static electricity. The materials used in Static cling stickers are similar to decal stickers however, the adhesive used in the stickers is different. Static cling stickers make up the best stickers to be used at your Christmas house party.

Usage: Static Cling stickers leave no adhesive residue after being removed; thus, these can be used anywhere temporarily. Static cling stickers make up the best party decorative items.

Holographic Stickers

Holographic stickers are one of the most difficult types of stickers to create. These stickers are made up of multi-layered sheets which makes them unique and difficult to be copied.

Usage: Holographic stickers are usually used by businesses who wish to save their product from being counterfeited or tampered with.

Glitter Stickers

Glitter stickers are stickers made up of shimmery; eye-catching material. These stickers are durable and can be used both indoors and outdoors as they are resistant to scratches and adverse temperatures.

Usage: Glitter Stickers can be used for different purposes such as Sticker sheets, laptop stickers, water bottle stickers, scrapbook stickers, etc.

As a business, you can utilize glitter stickers in giveaways. You can also add cute shimmery glitter stickers as freebies with your product.

Gold Stickers

All that glitters may not be gold stickers! Yes, Gold Stickers are durable stickers created with gold sheets. Gold stickers are usually made up of durable adhesive and can be used for high-end product labels.

Usage: One can use gold stickers to create high-end label stickers. Gold stickers can also make up one of the most creative brand logos.

Summing It Up

Stickers can be fun to use. But they can be even better if you have a creative team to create customizable stickers for you.

At the Sticky Attack sticker store in Italy, we make sure to bring out the best creative designs or customized sticker ideas. So, the next time you have an idea to create customizable stickers, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will be more than obliged to help!

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