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The power of stickers in marketing of a 21 Century

Sticker advertising has been around much longer than you might imagine. Labels and stickers have even been used to help politicians win elections.

Established and now famous brands adore using them to help build a brand’s visibility. Stickers have just not received the attention they merit from 21st-century marketers and enterprises, despite their durability and low cost.

Even in the age of social media and digital marketing, stickers seem to have taken off despite their inherent simplicity.

Why Do Stickers Function As Such A Vital Marketing Tool?

People can easily and creatively display their identity by using stickers. Spend some time in a coffee shop, and you’ll see that water bottles and laptops have stickers on them that advertise the person’s beliefs and preferences.

Stickers are a great “offline” medium for social networking and broadcasting since they allow for such self-expression. Who are we kidding, anyway? Stickers are just enjoyable. When you were a child, do you recall how a sticker book could keep you occupied for hours? All of us still carry that emotion inside of us.

Thus, receiving a sticker gives people of all ages a small rush, especially if it is free! Stickers appeal to consumers on an emotional level, which is why brands adore them. They have established themselves as effective and very affordable marketing and referral tools.

Whether you use plain or specially branded packaging, adding a sticker with careful design can improve the customer experience. Why? because in order to open their gift, your clients must view, read, and interact with the sticker.

Consider what makes your business special and why your clients should be happy to represent your brand. Then create a killer sticker that allows your consumers to flaunt the ideals they have supported by making a purchase from you. Include these decals in your packages and advise recipients to “sticker responsibly” on their automobiles, laptops, reusable coffee mugs, and bags.

What Makes Printed Stickers Still Popular?

Even if we may all live and work online, nobody can ever say no to a cute and entertaining sticker. It’s a quick and simple way to add color to anything, including the bumper of a car and the back of a laptop.

Have you ever heard of Reddit, a little website? Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian toiled at promoting his forum-creation website, seeking out any opportunity to let people know about it, long before anyone imagined Reddit would grow into the internet behemoth it would become.

He once claimed that stickers were his best investment of all time. Although it may not seem like a significant or particularly strategic marketing strategy, they persisted. The stickers were only a way for people to publicly declare their devotion; the main emphasis was on creating a fantastic product and an online community. Nowadays, stickers are used as money by companies.

He would put stickers of the adorable Reddit alien that captured everyone’s attention on poles, signs, and walls in schools and institutions. He would distribute stickers all day long at conferences and gatherings until there were so many of them in circulation that he began to notice social media posts of things that had the sticker on them.

And it certainly succeeded. Reddit owes much to its early sticker marketing effort for being the sixth most popular website on the internet today.

Stickers can be eco-friendly!

Eco-friendly stickers can liven up parcels, please clients, and increase brand recognition. We explain sticker marketing’s incredible social impact and how it may help customers remember your brand during the unpacking process.

Because they are an “extra” piece of material that is rarely necessary to the product or customer experience, stickers provide a barrier for businesses that value the environment. Their potential influence on the expansion of brands and sales, however, cannot be denied.

Eco-friendly stickers have these characteristics:

  • It is compostable, making it a more environmentally friendly choice;
  • Adhesive of medium strength that adheres to most surfaces;
  • They come in different kinds of shapes;
  • 2 cm min, 70 max sizes;
  • Most appropriate for indoor use;
  • Resistant to scratches and splashproof.

How to Distribute Your Printed Stickers: Potential Approaches

Making the most of the element of surprise is the key. Stickers are designed to stand out, and what better way to do so than to use or place them in an inappropriate location? Here are some “safer” techniques for handing out your stickers:

  • Place (don’t stick!) your stickers inside books that have anything to do with your company at the library or bookstore. Of course, make sure to ask your helpful library or store owner first;
  • Create a nice advertisement using your sticker as a prop rather than a giveaway. Utilize your sticker to think outside the box and to capture that surprise;
  • Give out stickers at significant events in your sector, especially to people who may be in line;
  • Stickers should be left everywhere you go, including in restrooms, bus seats, and tip jars at restaurants. Exposure is essential;
  • Be innovative. Stickers can be used in countless different ways. What will you do with yours?


Even if we may all live and work online, nobody can ever say no to a cute and entertaining sticker. It’s a quick and simple way to add color to anything, including the bumper of a car and the back of a laptop.

Relationships and communication are the foundation of marketing. You must understand what makes you special and valuable to the target market and why they should support you and your business.

Stickers can be utilized in a variety of ways to cement that connection and promote word-of-mouth propagation. Sticker marketing essentially uses one of the lowest cost, highest exposure marketing strategies currently accessible.

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