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Tips To Choose Holographic Stickers

Holographic stickers are a great way to add a little flair or even a lot of whimsy to your hand-drawn or watercolor artwork. But working with them can be confusing and challenging. Almost every business owner preferred to use holographic stickers for brand promotion and product labeling to grab more user attention with low-budget. But the problem they are facing is that they are getting noise and missing out on the excellent logo and brand names.

It would be much better to understand how to use holographic stickers correctly with their widely positive effects on the business.

Holographic Stickers For Branding

The holographic stickers come to life depending on the materials used in making the stickers. Most holographic sticker applications come in a transparent plastic sheet with a clear adhesive layer on one side. If you want your sticker to have any color or glitter, use this material.

Most holographic stickers are made of metallic foil ink and a unique printing surface that allows the ink to stamp-like paint into the paper or other surfaces where it’s applied, providing some depth and dimension.

You need to consider how the sticker is applied, how it will stick, what kind of adhesive it’s made from, the flexibility of the sticker material, and possibly the current condition on your drawing surface before buying any holographic stickers!

This article provides a multitude of tips that will help you choose holographic stickers so they fit your needs perfectly.

Tips To Choose Holographic Stickers

Every brand owner uses holographic stickers to enhance brand awareness but does all these are suitable and fine to choose from? You have these kid of bounds. That’s why we listed some essential tips that surely help determine the best holographic stickers.

1. Material

Material is essential to choose for any sticker, but even more importantly, it decides how the sticker will stick to your surfaces.

Holographic stickers are thin, flexible plastic sheets with a holographic image. These images and patterns are micro-embossed into polyester (PET), PVC, and Oriented Polypropylene (OPP). You can choose these materials based on your requirements and how you intend to use the holographic stickers on your product.

You can also employ scratch holograms, well-known for their one-time use. If you’re short on time, instant holograms are an excellent option. They’re already prepared and ready to use. Moreover, all the holographic stickers are available with a glossy finish to resist sunlight and bad weather conditions.

2. Adhesive

Attaching holographic stickers is somewhat challenging and may cause some damage if the adhesive is not suitable for your surface or you don’t adhere to it properly. So, be sure to choose holographic stickers that are self-adhesive and strong. Durable adhesive stickers are ideal for any stickers as they ensure a long-lasting presence.

3. Size & Shape

Be mindful of the size of the stickers when buying them. Make sure you double-check the measurements, so that everything turns out smoothly. Every sticker printing company can offer various sizes in holographic stickers from 3x3cm to 30x30cm (1,18 x 1,18 inches to 11,81×11,81 inches).

Unlike common shapes, holographic stickers available in various shapes include rounded-corner shapes, oval shapes, circle shapes, and many more. Also, business owners have the freedom to customize the size as per the business requirements! But, we suggest choosing both size and shape based on the need and surface where it sticks.

4. Color & Style

You may want to choose different colors or styles of stickers depending on the artistic effect you need to put forth in your project. But, it’s always good to use logo colors when it comes to business. You can also pick the right colors based on your business niche through website color schemes.

5. Price

Even though it’s not the primary one, it still matters when you are buying anything, and holographic stickers are no exception to this rule! The price is always dependent on your requirement, quality, and quantity. To plan within your budget, make sure to contact the sticker printing company to get some sample stickers. Then you can specify all your requirements at once to avoid misunderstandings

6. Quality

Make sure you check the quality of the holographic stickers before you buy them; that way, you will be getting what you paid for. You can request sample stickers to find the quality before purchasing!

The high-quality custom stickers are clearer and make people read, identify, and remember for a long period with their eye-catching appeal, which is possible to find with only the high-quality materials and skills.

7. Customization

Customizing is the first thought that makes everyone together! Whether you need logo stickers, promotional banners, custom holographic stickers are perfect.

You can also include any message/information or product information of instructions to use/apply. Regardless of the business, professional sticker printings companies can provide custom services for every design.

Whichever it is, it does not matter as long as it has good reviews about its products. When you choose a specific product, you should view its features first. Select one that fits your needs best and be ready with the price tag on hand.

These days, most business owners prefer to use holographic stickers for their brand promotion. There are plenty of reasons why it is better than any other marketing tool. For example, adding holographic stickers on your products adds a brand recall factor. The holographic image on the sticker gets special attention from everyone and attracts them towards your brand or product.

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