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Types Of Promotional Stickers

Here we’ll talk about the promotional stickers. Good promotional stickers can do a lot of things when it comes to business advertisements. Promotional stickers are meant to fully attract the customers’ attention to the event and your advertised products. With the help of the promotions, stickers make the target audience respond.

When you choose promotional stickers to promote your product, your customers buy and remember the brand and product. With the right choice of promotional stickers, you can have a successful product promotion. You can see the wonders made by promotional stickers advisement. Your brand and the features of the products will easily reach people. New customers will join you to avail the services provided by you.

What are Promotional Stickers? How do They work?

Promotional stickers are designed to promote an event, product, company, brand, business, or even an opinion and point of view. Varieties of self-sticking promotional stickers stick the information, logos, and advertising in the locations that make impressions. These stickers build identity and promote action.

A promotional sticker with “50% Off” stuck to a product can promote the discounted price and sale of the product. The decal stickers on the side of a company van can promote that company, services, and contact information. This is how promotional stickers can be used in various fields to benefit your brand and business.

Types of Promotional Stickers

There are various types of promotional stickers. All these types can be used for business promotion and branding. Here we’ll understand the different types of promotional stickers available in the market. You can review all these types and choose which suit your needs.

  • Coupon Stickers: Coupon stickers or labels are perfect for a point-of-sale promotion. This promotional label is an on-pack coupon that requires no design changes to your packaging. These coupon labels are especially for fixing your offer on a product. These can be easily peeled off to be redeemed at the store counter. Coupon labels help to encourage impulse purchases and promote other products. These labels are perfect for boosting your brand and product’s message. These are designed to display the offers regarding the products and services. Coupon labels are helpful to attract more attention from the customers.
  • QR Code Stickers: This is one of the benefits that promotional stickers can be used as QR code stickers. The QR code is the Quick Response Code, a two-dimensional barcode. This barcode is a machine-readable tool. The barcode contains the information about the product to which it is attached. QR code labels are gaining a lot of popularity. You can see these labels in most digital and print ads. QR code labels engage the customers by scanning the code using their smartphones. By doing this, customers can get to a website to access coupons and sweepstakes giveaways. QR code labels can be printed separately and easily incorporated into current label designs.
  • Piggyback Labels: Piggyback labels are also one form of promotional stickers. Let me brief you about the piggyback labels. These are designed with two layers where one layer is peeled off, leaving the other part adhered to a surface. These labels are the best kind of promotional labels applied to print publications. Piggyback labels can also be used for mail correspondence and business reply cards. Most businesses and brands use the piggyback labels adhered to their products to provide instant redeemable coupons. The top layer can be peeled off easily to redeem, leaving the bottom layer intact.
  • New Notes: Promotional stickers have one more type. New notes use repositionable adhesives to stick on the paper and newsprints. These can be peeled off and reapplied without leaving any damage. New notes are best applied to advertising mediums and can be placed in newspapers. These can also be used for direct mail marketing and magazines. New notes are very effective when a company or business is looking to target a specific audience by interest or location. These are placed in strategic newsprint pages where the target audience is more inclined to look at or read.
  • Sticker Sheets: Sticker sheets are very beneficial for promotional stickers. You need sticker sheets if you are planning to share event information or create brand awareness. Sticker sheets can be applied to the envelopes and the welcome kits. By following this, you can give the customers’ contact details like phone numbers and website addresses where they can get more information. Undoubtedly, these sticker sheets can be printed on various materials. Moreover, it can easily be customized to any size and shape. There is one more option in sticker sheet-like “save the date” stickers to remind the customers about the upcoming events.

In a Nutshell

If I talk about the market ten to twenty years back then, there were very few sources to advise about the company, brand, and product. This role was played by the people and the customers who used the services. Their word of mouth used to play a tremendous role in the name of promotions. There is no doubt there were other options, like radio and the television.

But in this century, social media has taken the place of advertisement worldwide. Now we have one more tool of promotional stickers for brand awareness and build-up. There are various types of promotional stickers which can be used by you.

In this blog, we have explained every kind of promotional sticker. All this information will be helpful for you in terms of marketing and business growth. It would help if you plan your strategy, and you can use the promotional stickers according to your business usage and the requirements.

To have all these promotional stickers for your business and brand awareness, contact Sticky Attack for the best sticker printing services.

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