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  • Material: Monomeric Vinyl
  • Sticker Thickness: 85 µ
  • Type of Sticker: Vinyl with glitter background
  • Surface: Glossy
  • Laminating Thickness: 80 μ
  • Resistance: Scratches and weathering

Are you ready to enter the brilliant world of adhesive glitter?

In this comprehensive guide, StickyAttack will show you everything you need to know about glitter stickers, from definitions and creative uses to our unique products.

Discover how to transform any project with a sparkling touch!

What are adhesive glitter

Definition of adhesive glitter and their use

Glitter Stickers are self-adhesive decorations that contain glitter, designed to add a sparkly, festive touch to any project . These glitter stickers are very versatile and can be used on a wide range of surfaces, including paper, glass, plastic, fabrics and much more.

Whether you’re decorating greeting cards, personalizing accessories, or creating event decorations, sticky glitter is the ideal option for achieving a shiny effect without the mess of traditional glitter.

Do you want to know how they can improve your projects? Contact StickyAttack for personalized suggestions!

Types of glitter stickers

There are different types of adhesive glitter, including:

  • Glitter face and body stickers: perfect for festivals, parties and carnivals.
  • Glitter nail stickers: ideal for creative nail art.
  • DIY glitter stickers: for personalized decorations on everyday objects.

Advantages of adhesive glitter

Adhesive glitter offers numerous advantages over traditional glitter: they are incredibly easy to apply , avoiding the mess and scattering of loose glitter.

Thanks to their secure and long-lasting adhesion, you can use them on various surfaces without worrying about leaks or smudges.

Plus, glitter stickers are perfect for DIY projects, party decorations and more. Choose sticky glitter for a clean, practical solution and transform any object into a sparkling work of art.

Do you have questions about the benefits of adhesive glitter? The StickyAttack team is here to help!

How to apply adhesive glitter

Detailed application instructions

Applying adhesive glitter is simple: follow these steps for best results:

  1. Prepare the surface: make sure it is clean and dry.
  2. Apply the sticker: remove the protective film and place the sticker on the surface.
  3. Pressure and drying times: Press firmly and let dry for a few minutes.

Tips for better results

For flawless results, follow these tips: Use tools like squeegees to apply even pressure, and choose smooth surfaces for optimal adhesion.

Would you like to know more? Contact StickyAttack for personalized advice!

Creative ideas for using adhesive glitter

Examples of creative use

Adhesive glitter is perfect for adding a touch of magic to any project. Thanks to their versatility and ease of use, they can transform ordinary objects into glittering masterpieces. Here are some creative ideas to inspire you:

  • Party & Festival Decorations: Add sparkle to balloons, invitations and table decorations. The gold and gold glitter stickers are perfect for elegant and glamorous events, while the bright colors are ideal for birthday parties and festivals.
  • Home Decor Projects: Personalize vases, frames, furniture and other household items with glitter stickers. Bring a touch of light and color to your rooms, making every corner of your home unique.
  • Costumes and accessories: create glitter names and unique details for carnival, Halloween or themed party costumes. Glitter stickers can be used to decorate bags, hats, shoes and more, adding a personal and creative touch to your look.

Want more creative ideas? Contact StickyAttack to find out how to best use our adhesive glitter in your special projects!

Captivating images of completed projects

Do you want inspiration for your projects? Check out our images of projects made with StickyAttack Glitter Stickers. These images show the versatility and beauty of our glitter stickers, applied to a variety of surfaces and on different occasions.

See how our customers have used glitter stickers to create spectacular and original decorations. Each project tells a story of creativity and style, showing how adhesive glitter can transform even the simplest objects into sparkling works of art.

Do you have a project in mind? Contact us to find out how to make your sparkling dreams come true with StickyAttack’s adhesive glitter!

StickyAttack adhesive glitter

StickyAttack is your one-stop shop for high-quality sticky glitter. We offer a full range of glitter stickers designed to meet every decoration and customization need. Whether you’re looking for stickers for DIY projects, special events or professional decorations, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our collection.

Range of products offered by StickyAttack

StickyAttack offers a wide range of high-quality adhesive glitter, designed to suit any creative project. From gold and golden adhesive glitter ideal for a touch of elegance and refinement, to colored adhesive glitter perfect for adding liveliness and joy to your projects.

And don’t forget the customizable options: we can create custom glitter stickers with custom glitter names, logos, or unique designs.

Discover our collection of glitter stickers, where you will find stickers of different sizes, shapes and colors, suitable for any application.

Do you want to find the perfect sticker for you? Visit our site and choose from our incredible options!

Unique features of StickyAttack products

StickyAttack’s adhesive glitter stands out for their exceptional quality, durability and safety. Each sticker is made from high quality materials, ensuring strong, long-lasting adhesion to any surface. Our products are safe for the skin, making them ideal for decorations on the face, body and nails without risk of irritation.

Do you want to try the best adhesive glitter on the market? Our products offer superior shine and wear resistance, keeping your projects shining over time.

Order at StickyAttack today and experience the difference in our quality!

Why choose StickyAttack?

Advantages of buying from StickyAttack

By choosing StickyAttack, you opt for quality and excellent service: our products are carefully crafted, we offer exceptional customer service and we guarantee fast shipping.

Don’t waste time, buy your adhesive glitter from StickyAttack now!

Testimonials from satisfied customers

Do not you believe it? Read the testimonials of our satisfied customers who appreciate the quality of our glitter stickers and our service.

Join the StickyAttack family today!


How long do adhesive glitter last?

StickyAttack’s adhesive glitter can last a long time if applied correctly and maintained in adequate conditions. Durability also depends on the surface and use, but with the right care, your glitter stickers will stay shiny for a long time.

Do you have questions about duration? Contact StickyAttack Support!

How do I remove adhesive glitter?

Removing StickyAttack adhesive glitter is simple: just gently lift one corner and peel off the sticker . For delicate surfaces, you can use a little heat, such as from a hairdryer, to make removal easier. Do you want more details? Ask the StickyAttack team of experts!

Are adhesive glitter safe for skin?

Yes, StickyAttack glitter stickers are safe for skin, made from high quality hypoallergenic materials. They are ideal for decorations on the face, body and nails, without risk of irritation or allergic reactions.

Do you have security concerns? Contact StickyAttack for more information!

Can I customize my glitter stickers?

Absolutely! StickyAttack offers customization services to create glitter custom names and other unique designs. Whether you want to create a sparkling logo or a unique design , we can help you realize your vision .

Find out more about our custom glitter stickers by contacting StickyAttac


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