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  • Material: Monomeric Vinyl
  • Sticker Thickness: 90 µ
  • Type of Sticker: Vinyl with gold background
  • Surface: Glossy
  • Laminating Thickness: 80 μ
  • Resistance: Scratches and weathering

Gold Stickers: elegance and resistance at your service

Gold stickers represent a versatile and refined solution for various needs, including packaging, events and product customization. Gold stickers add a touch of elegance and luxury to any project, making your products or events stand out with a shiny, sophisticated finish.

Versatile solution for different needs

Gold stickers can be used in many contexts , from personalizing products to wrapping gifts, to decorating invitations and business cards. Imagine your products wrapped in golden light that captures attention : packaging with gold labels can transform a simple object into a precious gift. For special events such as weddings, parties and celebrations, holographic stickers and glitter stickers can add a touch of magic and originality, making every detail memorable.

Contact us today to explore the creative possibilities with our gold stickers !

Elegance and Refinement of Gold Stickers

Gold stickers are synonymous with elegance and refinement . Their brilliance and ability to reflect light make them ideal for those who want a premium and classy look. Gold finishes give a luxurious look that can elevate your brand , making your products distinctive and high-quality. Whether you choose full-cut stickers , personalized mini stickers or glitter labels , each piece will be a small design masterpiece.

Resistance to atmospheric agents and durability

In addition to the aesthetic beauty, the gold stickers they offer exceptional resistance to atmospheric agents . Made with high quality materials such as PVC or vinyl stickers , these stickers guarantee long life, maintaining their shine and adhesion even in outdoor conditions. Durability is a key factor , both for temporary uses and long-term applications, such as decorations on vehicles or outdoor signs.

Find out more about our materials and finishes by contacting our graphics department . We’re here to help you choose the right adhesive for your needs.

Why choose gold stickers?

Benefits of Gold Stickers for your business or personal use

Using gold stickers for your business or personal use offers numerous benefits. The golden stickers they add a touch of elegance and luxury , making every detail more precious and cared for.

If you are a company that wants to get noticed, or if you have a personal project that you want to make special, gold stickers are the ideal choice .

Increase perceived value

Gold stickers can increase the perceived value of a product or event , making customers and guests feel part of something unique and special.

Imagine a luxury product with a golden label: the visual appearance alone can positively influence the perception of quality and prestige .

The same goes for events: an invitation with golden details or personalized glitter writing communicates a sense of exclusivity and attention to detail.

Request a personalized quote to start enhancing your projects with our gold stickers.

Concrete examples of use in different sectors

The gold stickers find application in various sectors , demonstrating their versatility and impact:

  • Fashion and Beauty : Gold labels on cosmetics packaging and fashion accessories add a touch of glamor and sophistication. Glitter stickers and adhesive sequins can be used to create eye-catching and memorable packaging.
  • Deli : High-end wine and delicatessen producers can use gold labels for their products, elevating the brand image and attracting customer attention.
  • Special Events : For weddings, parties and celebrations, holographic stickers and personalized glitter lettering on invitations and decorations can transform the atmosphere, adding a touch of magic and uniqueness.
  • Business and Promotions : Companies can use sticky cards and product stickers in promotional campaigns, creating advertising materials that stand out and capture attention.

Contact us today to discover all the possibilities and start creating your personalized stickers .

Available Materials and Finishes

The gold stickers by StickyAttack are available in various materials , including PVC, adhesive paper and vinyl. Each material offers unique characteristics to meet different needs. Possible finishes include glossy, matte and glitter options, which add further appeal to the stickers.

Choose the right material

  • PVC : ideal for external applications thanks to its resistance.
  • Adhesive paper : perfect for temporary labels and packaging.
  • Vinyl : Offers high durability and versatility.

Contact our graphics department and we will help you choose the most suitable material and finish for your projects.

Custom shapes and sizes

With StickyAttack, you can customize the shape and size of yours gold stickers . In addition to standard shapes such as round, square and oval, we can make bespoke stickers to meet your specific needs.

Examples of standard shapes

  • Rectangular Stickers : Perfect for labels and branding.
  • Square stickers : ideal for logos and symbols.
  • Oval Stickers : Great for elegant, flexible designs.

Create your own custom stickers by contacting our team to discuss your ideas and needs.

Creative applications for your gold stickers

Gold stickers offer endless creative possibilities. Use them to personalize products, packaging, invitations and business cards . They are also ideal for decorations, scrapbooking and DIY projects.

Discover how gold stickers can transform your projects with a touch of sparkle. Visit our site to inspire you with our creative ideas .

Gold Stickers for Your Business

If you are a company or a professional, gold stickers they can help strengthen your brand image . Use them for product labels, promotional stickers and warranty seals, improving the perception of your brand.

Contact our team for customized solutions and to make your business even more brilliant.

How to order your personalized gold stickers

Ordering your gold stickers on StickyAttack is quick and easy .

Request a personalized quote through our website and discover our competitive offers. Once your order is confirmed, we will provide you with detailed information on production and shipping times.

Visit our site to start creating your own custom stickers!


How much do 100 stickers cost?

The cost of 100 stickers varies depending on the size, shape, material and quantity . Visit stickyattack.it to request a personalized quote and discover our competitive offers.

What are stickers for?

Stickers are versatile and lend themselves to multiple uses : promoting your brand, decorating personal items, sealing packaging, labeling products and much more. Find out on stickyattack.it how stickers can meet your needs .

Are gold stickers resistant to atmospheric agents?

Yes, the gold stickers offered by StickyAttack are designed to resist atmospheric agents , ensuring long life even in outdoor conditions. Contact us for more information on the technical specifications of our products.



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